At Animation Base, we make magic. You dream it and we do it every day. At our core, Animation Base operates on imagination, individuality, inclusivity, and impact. Animation Base allows your business to easily create professional animated videos for industries like marketing.

Step 1: Select the Animation Style You Like Best…

Whiteboard Explainer Style

Whiteboard Animated Video

1 Minutes Video Rs : 2999/-

2D Explainer Style

2D Animated Video

1 Minutes Video Rs : 5999/-

Premium 2D Explainer Style

Premium 2D Animated Video

1 Minutes Video Rs : 6999/-

3D Style

3D Animated Video

1 Minutes Video Rs : 20,999/-

If you are desperate to take a startup or if you want to enhance your business, luckily you are at the right place. At Animation Base Your business needs clients and we are here to extend it far beyond borders by making animated videos of your products or projects. On animationbase, our client will have whiteboard animation videos, 2D animation videos, 3D animation videos and voiceover recording for their assets. This allows a stream of customers to get attracted to your business and helps to achieve your goal.